HiddenVoices is an awareness campaign set up by Nour Domestic Violence, and supported by One Nation.


Who is Nour Domestic Violence?
Nour is a charity which aims to tackle the silent, yet prevalent social issue of domestic violence (DV) in the Muslim community by using Islamic literature from both the Qur’an and the Prophetic teachings as a platform to refute and condemn DV. Our objectives as a charity are to open the lines of communication and facilitate the access between individuals and our team of Islamic, legal and professional advisors, so that they may receive counselling and advice which is sensitive to their faith. We also allocate clients with a caseworker to assist in their situation.

We endeavour to eliminate the complacent attitude towards DV in Muslim communities by educating, creating awareness and campaigning against DV via seminars, community talks and workshops. Our final phase is to provide an aftercare package for the DV survivors and their children to include social and psychological support. Our philanthropic motivation and ambition for the outreach to victims of DV is rooted within the teachings of Islam, but Nour will be accessible for all and there will be no racial, religious or gender discrimination of DV victims. We hope that the culmination of the services that Nour provides will be a source of strength, support and solace for the survivors of DV.


Who is One Nation?
One Nation is a UK-based relief and development agency which has continued to support local and international relief projects to help improve lives.